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New Vintage Festival 2016

There’s nothing quite like sitting on the lakeside, sipping on a glass of wine and snacking on the variety of items included in a Charcuterie Platter. Enjoy a mouth-watering assortment of savour delights perfectly paired with our “Terroir” red and white wines.Charcuterie1am-5pm: June 11, 12, 18 & 19, 2016

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NIAGARA UNCORKED: Legends’ Semillon

Legends Estates Winery’s 2013 Semillon. An easy drinking white with pleasing acidity from the Beamsville winery. (Bob Tymczyszyn/St. Catharines Standard/Postmedia Network)

Despite being one of the three most planted grapes in France, here in Canada Semillon is not one of the cool kids.

When it is grown here, it is used mostly to blend. Rarely do we see it as a varietal in bottle.

If it were being picked for a team, it wouldn’t be last, but near the end regardless.

But Serge Papineau at Legends Estates Winery is the champion for this under-appreciated grape in Canada.

Perhaps it’s because he has one of the best spots to grow it in, he figures.

“They’re always thrown in blends,” he said.

“Sem(illon) in Niagara-on-the-Lake is grown on clay, which takes up more water and you get a flabby wine.

“We’re mostly sand, so the plant doesn’t have a chance to pick up water and keeps the acidity,” he said as he pointed out the window to a vineyard that reaches out to the lake.

While Papineau doesn’t have the formal training from a college or university program, he has the hands-on education he gained working first at Henry of Pelham starting in 2000.

That year oenology was introduced at Brock University, and the spots were filled, said Papineau.

“I was already working in the business and didn’t want to give up my job.

“But I did buy all the textbooks. I did treat myself as a university student. I read them in my free time, but I never physically wrote the tests.”

Papineau worked from the bottom up — a cellar rat, cleaning tanks, then assistant winemaker until he landed at Legends.

“I’m the only one that does the production. It’s kind of the way I like it.

“I can be very particular about how things are done, all the choices are mine,” he said.

Which brings us back to the Semillon.

It’s the kind of wine he likes.

“I’m a dry style winemaker, so all my wines are dry and well suited for food.

“The Riesling drinker is the person I would recommend to try this because of the acidity levels. It has mineral, herbal spice, sometimes green tea and the grape itself has an oily texture to it.

“It’s known as a seafood wine. The oily character helps pair the wine with food.”

Cold tank fermented, the Semillon is more simple on the nose than a Sauvignon Blanc.

As Papineau described it, “It’s just a very clean, simple wine.”

Light in colour, it has a bit of greenness on the nose, with citrus, particularly lime on the palate.

Nice texture and nice acidity.

This is the perfect time of year for this wine.

Serve it with cheeses such as Compté, Gruyere or cheddar.

And it shines with food, especially seafood, or a roast chicken or turkey.

Legends’ award-winning Semillon is available at the winery in Beamsville and will be in Vintages at the LCBO later this year.

But the best way to try it is by visiting the winery and also tasting two more unique Niagara wines: a Petit Verdot and a Malbec that Papineau has bottled.

2013 Terroir Semillon


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2015 New Vintage Festival

Join us for the New Vintage Festival!

June 13 & 14, 20 & 21 | $40 per pass (plus HST)

imagesDiscovery Pass: Savory Vegetable Samosas!

Wrapped in crispy, golden brown pastry our mouthwatering samosas are plump full of fragrant, lightly- spiced vegetables. A hearty snack to paired with our 2012 Truth and 2012 Dare.

$10 without a Discovery Pass




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Niagara Icewine Festival

Niagara Icewine logo(1)

It’s time to start planning your discovery pass route. The Niagara ICEWINE Festival is January 9, 10, 11, 16, 17, 18, 23, 24 & 25, 2015

Legends is featuring a Chocolate Caramel Bombette.

Bombette yourself out of the frigid air. A treat you will not care to share. This creamy chocolate ice cream & soft caramel center will warm you all over. Your choice of pairing with Legends Sparkling Rose or Vidal Ice Wine.bombette

Passes are available to purchase at the winery for $40 + HST each.

$10 without Discovery Pass

For a complete listing of Niagara Icewine Festival events please visit:http://www.niagarawinefestival.com/


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Legends Estates Winery Awards

Canadian Wine Awards 2009
BRONZE – 2007 Petite Verdot Reserve

Ontario Wine Awards 2009
GOLD- 2009 Malbec Rose

InterVin International Wine Awards 2010
BRONZE – 2007 Merlot Reserve
BRONZE – Love Potion Sparkling Rose
BRONZE – 2009 Malbec Rose

All Canadian Wine Championship 2010
GOLD – 2007 Chardonnay Reserve

All Canadian Wine Championships 2011
GOLD – 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve
BRONZE – 2007 Merlot Reserve
BRONZE – 2007 Petite Verdot Reserve

InterVin International Wine Awards 2011
SILVER – 2010 Sauvignon Blanc Reserve

InterVin International Wine Awards 2012
SILVER & Best Value Legends Estates Winery 2011 Diva Sauvignon Blanc -Semillon

BRONZE – 2010 Cabernet
BRONZE – 2011 Vidal Icewine
BRONZE – Sparkling Rose non-Vintage
BRONZE – 2011 Truth

National Wine Awards of Canada 2013
BRONZE Legends Estates Winery 2011 Truth
BRONZE Legends Estates Winery 2012 Diva Sauvignon Blanc- Semillon
BRONZE Legends Estates Winery 2012 Terroir Chardonnay

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DOUBLE GOLD for Legends Estates

DOUBLE GOLD for Legends Estates:
BEST WHITE WINE and BEST RIESLING at the 2009 Cuvée Wine Awards 2009


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Legends strikes GOLD!


DIVA Semillon-Sauvignon Blanc 2008
Best White Assemblage, Cuvée Wine Awards. The ‘Oscars’ of Ontario Winemaking!

Diva-White-08DIVA Semillon-Sauvignon Blanc 2008

$14.95   750ml

Available exclusively at the winery and Online

COMING SOON to your local LCBO!
“The nose is rich in honeydew melon and sweet pear, the palate proves even more inviting with loads of pear flavour backed by hints of melon and tangerine, there’s even some nice limeade on the finish. Smooth, easy drinking and a long, lovely, persistent finish that has you repeatedly coming back for more. This is going to be a great summer time wine…”
– Michael Pinkus, Ontario Wine Review
Proceeds from each bottle of DIVA wine sold will benefit women & children’s charities.

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Truth or Dare Wines


Legends Estates Winery joins with renowned tattoo artist Bob Paulin for the creation of Truth or Dare wines

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Legends Malbec: A Benchmark for Niagara

Legends Malbec: A Benchmark for Niagara

When a reader asked me to recommend “cool” wines for a group of twentysomethings, I looked at it as an entertaining test.

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